About Us

The Chamber is where San Mateo County organizations, businesses, and communities come together to create a brighter future. Through events, advocacy, and opportunities to connect, we ensure business voices are heard, diverse perspectives are shared, and leadership is fostered. As a member of The Chamber, you can play an integral role in shaping the economic future of our region.

Chamber Committees

Transportation & Housing Committee

2nd Thursday, Noon, Bi-monthly

Monitors and evaluates transportation projects/updates and housing issues.

Governmental Relations Committee

3rd Wednesday, Noon, Bi-monthly

Studies and speaks out on all government activities that affect local businesses and communities.

Education Committee

1st Wednesday, Noon

Monthly updates from local educational institutions and legislators to determine ways in which partners can participate to improve community schools.

Economic Development Committee

1st Tuesday, Noon

Develops and implements plans to attract and retain commercial and industrial development in Chamber San Mateo County.

Menlo Park Business Committee

2nd Monday, 11 AM

Discussion on small business initiatives, economic development, local government updates, pertaining to Menlo Park.

Belmont Business Committee

1st Thursday, Noon, Bi-monthly

Discussion on small business initiatives, economic development, local government updates, pertaining to Belmont.


Chamber San Mateo County

A ten-month long civic engagement program, that provides participants the opportunity for face-to-face meetings and interactive sessions with experts and key decision makers from businesses, government, our health care system, educations systems, and the community.

Leadership Program

Membership Directory


Board of Directors

Meet the Chamber San Mateo County Board of Directors as well as the staff of the Chamber.

Chamber Board

Joining the Chamber

If you are looking to network with local business, be part of the your community, or learn about the issues concerning local business, then you need to Join the Chamber San Mateo County.

Join the Chamber

Community Guide

Ad Placement Opportunities!

Our brand new Community Guide & Membership Directory will now represent FOUR CITIES, FOUR COMMUNITIES.
The publication will include:

  •  Economic Demographics
  • Area Highlights
  • Community & Civic Information for Redwood City, San Carlos, Belmont, and Menlo Park
  • Membership Directory

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