Mary Morrissey Parden

Born 11/11/1959 in San Francisco and a proud sixth generation Californian, married to another native Californian Jack Parden and the mother of two Bay Area computer engineers Ann and Sean who currently live in San Francisco.  Beside, being an owner of an insurance practice in Belmont, Mary enjoys “everything-culinary” and satisfies this by working a side hustle at Williams Sonoma in Hillsdale.  She and her husband have lived in Redwood Shores since 1989 and are in the process of restoring her childhood home, which was an original San Mateo Peninsula Hunting Lodge in Belmont, along with getting away, lakeside to Tahoe Vista as time permits. Additionally, she was instrumental in the buildout of Redwood Shores with her time spent on the Redwood Shores Owners Association board of directors from 1989 onward along with the GID 1964 committee which shaped much of the architectural elements of the residential areas of Redwood Shores; including the buildout of two schools, a shopping center and a fire department.  If you asked her what non-profit board she enjoys as a volunteer it would be that of founding and continuing as a director of the Belmont Water Dog Run; which grants funds for educational purposes in Belmont and Redwood Shores. Mary isn’t a runner, but counts this well established community event as something she wants to be remembered for.